WHAT’S UP with WORRISOME WEBSTER? “How? Not Me? Oh, NO!”– Children’s Christian Book Review by PatSays



WHAT’S SO WONDERFUL ABOUT WEBSTER?, a 2019 picture book from B & H Kids, written by authors and brothers, Stephen and Alex Kendrick; and illustrated by Daniel Fernandez; takes its reader on a “School Field Day” with fourth grader Webster.

Throughout the 29 pages of conversation (third-person viewpoint), Webster is characterized as the kid who needs encouragement about everything, it seems. But,  when he receives a biblical answer from Dad and Mom, Webster still cannot believe in himself. The book’s full-color illustrations allow kids to identify with today’s school classroom setting, and with a boy like Webster. So, what happens that opens Webster’s eyes to the real truth about himself? Is it through Mia, Caleb, or Hannah? or Ms. Pumpernickle? or Mom and Dad? Webster’s lesson learned isn’t without some disappointment and trepidation. Yet, the end result surprises even Webster himself.

A Parent Connection page follows the story’s end, and helps to round out the book’s theme, taken from the scripture, Psalm 139:14, “I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Teaching children that the Creator God formed each one of them with great thought and love, validates in them how special they truly are.


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