They Are Out There! And They Are “KID-COOL!”: Book Reviews about THANK YOU, MERCURY; DEAR PLUTO; & THE MOON SHOW


Image result for book cover image of dear pluto carmen gloria       Image result for book cover image of dear pluto carmen gloria      Image result for book cover image of dear pluto carmen gloria

While we may not know that the Greeks called a star, astron, and that the English named it a steorra, most of us are familiar with the word, astronomy, the scientific study of celestial bodies, that class subject learned from our teachers of school days past, right? But, honestly, how much fun was put into that school genre? And FUN? What fun? Some of us older folk may recall a ceiling-hung, kinetic mobile with assorted sizes and colors of balls, each one attached to a thin wire. Interesting as the kinetic planet mobile was, fun did not emanate from any of its parts. But, if you were the blindfolded class genius, who felt each “planet”,  and named all of them correctly, then, maybe you had a level of fun. Today is different. An author-illustrator thought about fun, connected it to astronomy, and dared to publish about, SERIOUSLY.

Carmen Gloria wears a variety of hats, as well as one called children’s writer & illustrator. In her latest astronomy picture book series– THANK YOU, MERCURY!, DEAR PLUTO, and THE MOON SHOW, published by UNCOMMON GRAMMAR– she includes FUN on every page. Her personal style permeates each star, moon, planet, or asteroid through their likable, expression-filled faces, making them “cool” for any young reader/learner’s experience. The text size, the full-color illustrations of galaxies and space, as well as the anthropomorphic spheres, along with the Q & A page that follows the story, all work hand-to-hand (or, moon face-to-moon face, if you will), to create a unique, interesting, and FUN science book that kids (plus adults) will enjoy reading– and one, too, that they will remember, perhaps for an eternity. “Mercury, Pluto, and Moon, you rate a 5-Star Galaxy of delight.”

Mrs. Patricia Ann Timbrook, PatSays, Children’s Book Reviewer, January 14, 2020.




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